China’s Defiant Army

(recast with updates) The PLA’s chest-thumping in Europe and America after NATO’s claims may hide the impact of the recent military purge. Military, not economy, could dominate the next Party plenum. China defiantly called on military drills with Russia, a nation at war in Ukraine, after NATO called Beijing “enabler” of Moscow’s war effort and […]

Corner Putin, Agent of Chaos

The Russian president’s trip to North Korea alters global calculations, spreading instability worldwide. Even China may now be interested in distancing itself from him Shortly after establishing the People’s Republic of China (PRC) on October 1st, 1949, China entered one of its most controversial historical periods. PRC leader Mao Zedong planned to attack Taiwan, where […]

China’s Unsustainable Surplus

Beijing is operating a trade model that could bust China and the rest of the world, either now or in the coming years. A vital party plenum in July might address the issue, but how? The Future In 2032, Wall Street crashed, and the dollar collapsed. The US trade deficit with China had ballooned to […]

Derisking and Notes on a New “Telegram” on China

With China, the US may have a third way between being defeated and collapsing or winning a hot war. It can set its own global BRI We are at a moment when “derisking” with China is happening, some kind of economic “decoupling” doesn’t seem far behind, and Cold War II is spreading its wings. Yet, […]

Santa Sede-Cina: complessità e importanza

Le aperture Il convegno di ieri all’università Urbaniana di Roma sul centenario del Concilium Sinense di Shanghai del 1924 ha mostrato con chiarezza, una rara volta, l’estrema complessità del rapporto storico tra Santa Sede e Cina. I rappresentanti della Santa Sede e quelli venuti dalla Repubblica popolare cinese hanno infatti difficoltà e distanze su almeno […]

A Game of Reality, Shadows and Feelings: Xi and Putin in Beijing

A game of reality and shadows, both true and both tricks for the eye of the beholder, was playing out in Beijing as Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomed Vladimir Putin, his Russian counterpart. No pomp was spared. Putin walked along red carpets that stretched across many of the 80 acres of Tiananmen Square. The central […]