A Neoclassical Solution for China

The Party Plenum took inspiration from ancient philosophers to solve its modernization drive. It is a bold and ambitious move that could change the country and the world. Will it work? Last week, the 2024 Party Plenum issued its decisions, concentrating on the economy[i]. The plan, in a nutshell, was to unify the internal market, […]

Can China Dodge a “Russianizing” Lull?

A lull in political initiatives about wars could draw China closer to Russia just as the two countries’ agendas are drawing apart As Moscow was the center of President Xi Jinping’s talks in Paris, Belgrade, and Budapest, there is possibly a growing systemic fissure between Russia and China concerning the war in Ukraine – specifically, […]

On Contradiction between the US and China

In Italian below The main point is to understand whether the contradiction is within the people or between the people and their enemies. The former can be solved through discussion and debate; the latter can lead to conflict and war. Also sprach Mao Zedong, the founder and prophet of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), […]

Where is the river to cross? China’s Predicament

Today, China is in a dramatic predicament for itself and others. What is the grand strategy to use to cope with the world? The big question hangs over the thousands of delegates convened in Beijing for the ritual plenary session of the National People’s Congress, the most important political appointment of the year due to […]

China’s War Epidemic

After COVID, Beijing is grappling with a new challenge – an expanding war encircling its friends and neighbors. Is China a victim or a contributor to this new conflict? The country may or may not be aware, but suspicions are mounting about its role. War is spreading like a virus during an epidemic. Two years […]