US Rhetoric of Self-Destruction?

A general problem in these American elections is that the climate of rhetorical violence and the spread of conspiracy theories is a double-edged sword. Whoever uses it will also suffer from it, and unfortunately, the attempt on former President Donald Trump and the very bizarre interpretations given in the heat of the moment—and that will […]

A Pandora’s Box for the Supreme Court

The ruling introduced the unprecedented principle that any US President can legally subvert the institutions. It has changed the US and the terms of its competition with Russia and China. Did the Supreme Court ruling open a Pandora’s box for the United States and the world? Looking at it from Rome it’s all very puzzling […]

China and Trump’s MALA (Make America Little Again)

China’s historical troubles adapting to global trade could merge with Trump’s agenda to reshape America into a highly volatile mix. One of China’s historical problems has been its integration into the global economic trading system, which emerged after the discovery of the American continent in the 15th century. The first encounter was between the Spanish […]

American 80 Years Jinx?

Does America need an exorcism? There is indeed an 80-year pattern in American history that has global implications. Every eight decades, the US faces an existential internal crisis that is overcome with war. First, 1781 The Union itself started with such turmoil. The 1776-1883 Revolutionary War began as an effort to wrest the 13 colonies […]

Bidening on America

Many Americans feel broken, and people are split on immigration and very divisive issues like gender or abortion and go for Trump. His victory in Iowa is proof of this. But the country is doing better than ever. A belief crisis blinds many. The U.S. needs to restore its cultural unity, starting with accepting the […]

The bodies of difference and America’s cotton thread

Looking at it from the outside, it is like a contest of bodies and minds. Donald Trump is big, has dyed, fake hair, and his statements are often prejudiced according to some present sensitivities and always glib. He seems to want to cheat age and reality, trying to look young and cocksure. He harks back […]

US: Common Ground Lost

United States’ fabric is reaching a point of no return that resembles what happened less than 200 years ago with the Civil War. The reason for contention has changed, but its structure didn’t. The other side of the Nation is no longer a partner with whom political understandings may be negotiated but an enemy to […]