Peace for the Dovish Serpent, a prayer to the Pope

With great shame, kneeling down, with all my heart, I would like to offer another perspective to the Holy Father on the extremely delicate matter of the Ukrainian war and of Ukraine’s negotiations, or even possible “surrender,” to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin is in a gridlock. He started the war at the end of […]

American 80 Years Jinx?

Does America need an exorcism? There is indeed an 80-year pattern in American history that has global implications. Every eight decades, the US faces an existential internal crisis that is overcome with war. First, 1781 The Union itself started with such turmoil. The 1776-1883 Revolutionary War began as an effort to wrest the 13 colonies […]

Where is the river to cross? China’s Predicament

Today, China is in a dramatic predicament for itself and others. What is the grand strategy to use to cope with the world? The big question hangs over the thousands of delegates convened in Beijing for the ritual plenary session of the National People’s Congress, the most important political appointment of the year due to […]