Putin’s broader war and his survival calculus

By September, it was clear that while the much-expected Ukrainian offensive didn’t create a breakthrough, neither did the ensuing Russian counteroffensive. Neither side has a decisive advantage over the other. Lawrence Freedman argued[1] convincingly that we must think about the definition of victory for Ukraine, as Kyiv is not set on marching on Moscow. The […]

US and China: Difficult Coups and Institutions

American newspapers are voicing growing concern that Donald Trump, who is running for president, is sounding more like Mussolini and Hitler.[1] Also, following the 2020 January 6 attack on Capitol Hill, something like a preview of an attempted coup, some fear Trump may be tempted to repeat the game, only this time better organized. However, […]

When Gaza-like protests come to the West

Western countries should stop focusing on ending migration. The real problem is being careless about migrants’ integration. It is a priority to prevent Gaza-like insurrections in the West. The ongoing pro-Palestinian protests in Western countries are an important signal that something went very wrong with the relationship between some Muslim immigrants and their host countries. […]

Wars distractions and tough economic decisions for China

On the eve of American and Chinese presidents Joseph Biden and Xi Jinping meeting in San Francisco on November 14, Beijing may feel better than 24 months ago, when its main and sole objective was to take on China. As reported by David Goldman,[1] Beijing may feel it holds a few aces in the game. The […]