Intelligence and Culture Missing for China

Two elements stand out in the present situation in the Middle East: the intelligence failure in not seeing the attack coming and the ongoing attempt to hijack the political agenda in many Arab countries. The intelligence failure is the second in less than two years by most Western countries, particularly the European countries. In early […]

Netanyahu’s fallen paradigm

Israel has warned the population of northern Gaza, some 1.1 million people, to move south as the army, the IDF, prepares to enter. Hamas may stop the move to show proof of local support and use its own people as human shields in the forthcoming offensive. Hamas may be proudly spreading the recordings of the […]

On the way to Gaza from China

There are deep stirrings beneath the surface of the Hamas vicious slaughter against Israel on October 7. A political victory by Hamas and its sponsors, perhaps an extremist wing in Iran, might frighten almost every Muslim government in the world. Over the past decades, and especially in recent years since the war against ISIS, many […]

A new political strategy for Israel?

The ongoing war against Hamas needs a strategy and a political horizon before a military one. What is Israel’s future: a state integrated within itself, in the region, or under siege? There has clearly been an Israeli intelligence failure with the Hamas attack, but more profoundly, there has been a strategy failure.[1] The idea that Hamas […]

China’s Tightrope with Russia and Israel

China’s present troubles with the US might be rooted in a misperception of what should have been done in the past. What did China do when America struggled in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2004-2005? Rather than helping it in these difficulties, Beijing kept aloof politically and slowed down the economic and political reforms it had […]